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One book that covers all the tricks from kissing and rearing to everything in between. Over 23 trick and trick combinations with a bonus on easy trailer loading.

Reaching Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, England, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Greece and Argentina, Jackie Johnson's "Step By Step Trick Training" is a detailed manual that follows the training of a number of horses. Over 150 pages in length and over 200 photographs, this book illustrates simple sequences so that the reader knows what to expect when training. Photos and text illustrate potential problems and tips on how to handle a situation should it arise. Using modern horsemanship techniques, Jackie Johnson explains how to train your horse exceptional things like; Smile, March, Pedestal, Salute, Bow, Kneel, Lie Down, Crawl, Sit Up, Rear and much, much more. Work is done at liberty, in hand and while riding. Not just 'trick training,' Jackie Johnson is helping owners build better relationships with their horses!

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Sit Bale Covers

$125 - $150 (depending upon mesh size)

When teaching, or demonstrating a sit down, a bale is the cheapest, easiest ‘chair’ on the horse market.  This dual purpose bale cover provides a sturdy canvass protection for your hay bale during sit down training, and then flips over for a no muss, no fuss, feed bag.  Also works great when transporting standard size hay bales as you can flip the canvass side up to preserve bales, or flip the slow feeding net side up for continuous slow feeding during transport.  When not in use, the sit bale cover can be folded away for space saving storage, or used to carry misc items (like hobbles, ropes and protective leg boots.  When you get to your performance, just load it with a local bale and you’re ready to take a load off and sit down.

Visit to order this, and other great Eco Net Products.

Step by step trick training PEDESTAL

FINALLY an affordable training pedestal!  The 16.5lbs pedestal is constructed of sturdy 3/4” Plywood with proper angle to reduce tipping.  Sold as raw wood with the logo, 2 cut-out carry handles and decorative finished top edge.  This 13” tall pedestal (with a 16” top) can be shipped either fully constructed, or flat with end user assembly required (Full instructions and pre-drilled holes provided).  The raw wood allows for the least amount of slip as you train your horse to ‘step up’.  Once horses step onto the pedestal, with ease and confidence, the wood is then perfect for paint or stain to compliment your show.  We have tested a variety of pedestal designs and found this design to be the most sturdy, durable, and economical pedestal giving you the best value for your money.  Tested by mini’s, drafts and everything in between.

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$100 - Fully constructed, no assembly required
Plus shipping $40 shipping via Courier or Greyhound


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$100 - Fully constructed, no assembly required
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Step by step trick training HOBBLE and Rope

When using the Running ‘V’ training aid, we tested many hobble designs, and many rope concepts, and have brought you the best in safety, design, quality and ease of use.  The poly-propylene blend in this thick rope offers the most comfort for your horse, and reduces rope burn to your hands when training.  The hobble (available in mini, and regular/draft size) allows for a snug fit with plush padding for maximum comfort and safety.

The uncomplicated rope is free from any metal snaps, or clips that have proven to bind and lock up during training.  The blend of materials provides maximum grip, but still allows smooth movement through the D-ring of the single hobble.  The straightforward design ensures that the Running V is put together properly, every time and instantly releases if needed.

The wide, padded band of the hobble allows for maximum support and comfort to your horse.  The design ensures that the hobble can be secure enough on your horses pastern to prevent slipping up onto the cannon bone.  The large D-ring ensure smooth movement of the Running V and the buckle allows for quick release if necessary.

Canada - Hobble $40  Rope $20 
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United States - Hobble $40  Rope $20 
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United Kingdom - Hobble £40  Rope £20 
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