Avro was born May 20, 2003.  Whatever job she’s given she takes it VERY seriously (not quite like the ‘dorky’ boys). She made her performance debut at the Manitoba Rodeo Finals and again at the 2009 Canadian Western Agribition.  She is trained to jump FIRE, and in 2011 she became  a member of Spruce Meadows Battle of the Breeds Team Paint - Barrels, Trail and Precision Driving.


- Step on Pedestal (IH/L)

- Salute

- Spanish Walk

- Bow

- Bow to Mount

- Kneel

- Lay Down

- Sit

- Rear (R/IH/L)

- Hind Leg Walk (R/IH/L)


Griffin was born in April 15 of 2008 out of the great Thunderstick Conrad.  Purchased from Warkentin Horses, Griffin was brought into my string to add a commanding presence...and boy does he ever. A ‘modern, big hitch‘ Percheron, Griffin has mature at 18.3 hands....YIKES. 

- Smile 

- Pick up Objects (started)

- Kiss (started)

- Hug

- Push

- Step on Pedestal (IH/L)

- Salute

- Spanish Walk (started)

- Bow (IH/R)

- Bow to Mount

- Lay Down (IH/R)

  1. -Sit

  2. -Sit Down

- Rear (IH/R) (started)


Cash was born May 4, 2008.  He is a strong stallion with rare, tricolour, black, white and bay markings.  His father is the famous Sire of Sires, Clononeen Tumbleweed.  Coming from such proven bloodlines, Cash shows all the characteristics that have made his sire so sought after.  Cash already sports heavy feather, and generous mane and tail, along with the strapping lines of a classic Gypsy Cob.  He promises to be a stunning, athletic addition to our trick string.


  1. -Bow (R/IH)

  2. -Lay Down (R/IH)

  3. -Sit (R/IH)

  4. -Pedestal

  5. -Salute

  6. -Spanish Walk (started)

  7. -Rear in Hand (started)

  8. -Smile (started)



Avro was a bit of a surprise.  Originally taken on as a reseller, she just impressed me so much that she got to stay on forever.  She has the most heart of any horse I’ve ever worked with in my life.  She’s taught countless kids how to ride and jump, taking them to the ribbon circle over and over, and has taught many folks how to drive.  She’s is my rock solid steady horse that I’d trust with anyone’s life.  If I need a horse to ‘go to war’ with me, I take along this little girl. 


Reg. APHA - BAY - Mare - 14.1HH


- Reining

- Western Pleasure

- English Pleasure

- Jumps up to 3”9’

- Cattle Work

- Trail

  1. -Parades

  2. -Driving Pairs and Single

  3. -Mounted Shooting

  4. -Roman Riding (Reamo)

  5. -Jumps Fire

Reg. Percheron - BLACK - GElding - 18.3HH


- Western

  1. -English

- Trail

  1. -Parades

  2. -Broke to drive 2 wheel

  3. -Dressage (started)

  4. -Jumping (started)

  5. -Mounted Shooting (started)

  6. -Driving Single

I did some math and realized that Reamo is getting up there in age.  Griffin was bought to be his replacement.  After working with some Percheron crosses in the States, I learned to appreciate the intelligence and athleticism of this breed, as well as the stunning size. Griffin has been traveling with me, and Reamo doing clinics, and demos.  I have some big expectations for him, and so far he’s exceeded ALL of them.

North Fork Cash

Reg. Gypsy Cob - tricolour - Stallion - 14.2hh


  1. -Western

  2. -English

  3. -Trail

  4. -Parades

  5. -Jumping (started)

  6. -Mounted Shooting

  7. -Driving Single

  8. -Driving Pairs (Orion)

A huge THANK YOU to Dale and Cheryl Nygaard, and their farm www.northforkhorses.ca for providing us with a gorgeous Gypsy Cob to add to our trick string.  North Fork Cash will be traveling with us on the show, competition and clinic circuit.  We look forward to learning more about this versatile breed, and are honored by Dale and Cheryl’s generous sponsorship.

North Fork Orion

Orion was born on Jun 27, 2009.  We used Orion at the 2011 Calgary Stampede where he was handled by my assistant trainers from England.  From there, he made an impression as the demo horse at one of my clinics.  This little guy has kind of captured my heart from the time he stuffed his face into mine as a weanling, so when the opportunity was presented to me, I agreed to add him to the string.

If I were to describe Orion in one word it would be “Honest”.  The future promises to be busy for this young fellow as he will be trained for driving, jumping and whatever other discipline where he shows potential to succeed.  As Orion progresses in his training, he is also showing the same drive, determination and athleticism as his brother, North Fork Cash, which is certainly being passed along from his daddy Clononeen Tumbleweed standing at www.northforkhorses.ca


Reg. Gypsy Cob - Bay/White - Gelding - 14.1HH


  1. -Started under Saddle

  2. -Driving Single

  3. -Driving Pairs (Cash)


  1. -Bow

  2. -Lay Down

  3. -Sit

  4. -Sit Down

  5. -Pedestal

  6. -Salute

  7. -Spanish Walk (started)

  8. -Rear in Hand (started)

  9. -Smile (started)

  10. -Elephant Sit