The most important thing about working with sponsors is that you must believe in each other.  Without a doubt, I believe in the Gypsy Cob breeding program that has been built by Dale and Cheryl Nygaard of North Fork Horses.  When Dale and Cheryl approached me about taking one of their Gypsy Cobs onto my string of trained horses, I was at a loss for words.  Although I had heard of the elusive Gypsy Cob (sometimes called Gypsy Vanner) breed, I had never seen one live, and I had certainly never worked with any of them.  I was once again at a loss for words when Dale and Cheryl placed their prized, and rare tri-colored yearling, North

Fork Cash, in my care.  In my travels, I have worked with a great

many different breeds of horses, from gaited, to heavy and

everything in between.  I have never worked with any horse

(including my own) that has been so easy to train, and so quick

to learn.  Cash IS everything that the Gypsy Cob breed promises.

He is smart, versatile, kind, gentle, quiet and has an amazing

capacity to extend his kindness and caution when working

around children (as shown in the picture to the right where he

is cradling a 4H youngster between his front legs in a sit.

When Dale and Cheryl decided to start breeding Gypsy Cobs in Canada, they imported hand-picked stock directly from England.  The result of this careful, and meticulous selection, and their attention to unwavering quality, speaks for itself in their brood-mares, stallions, and colts.  To learn more about Dale, Cheryl, and their beautiful horses, visit .  After working with this fabulous breed, I would definitely not hesitate to own a North Fork Gypsy Cob as they have proven to me to be an all around, reliable and versatile mount for adults and kids alike. 

North Fork Gypsy Cobs