The breakdown for a 2 day Beginner Trick Training Clinic is generally as follows;
The clinic runs from 9:00am to 5:30pm on Saturday (Or end of day, whichever is required) and from 9:00am to end of day Sunday, with a 1 hour break for lunch at noon.  During the clinic horses and their handlers are taught:

            - Smile
            - Hug
            - Kiss
            - Target
            - Pedestal
            - Salute
            - Stretch
            - Bow
            - Lay Down*

* Depending upon the training method that you choose to use, and the conditions of the ground, you can achieve the lay-down with your horse during this 2 day clinic. Additional tricks may also be covered if requested, and as time allows.
Rates are calculated based upon distance and required transportation.  There is a 10 person minimum required, there is no maximum number of attendees, as the class will be split, or assistants will be brought in if necessary. 

Whenever possible discounted rates are provided to 4H clubs where the students are under 18 years of age. 

 If you would like to host your own clinic, please contact

Email to book your 2015 clinic

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Jackie Johnson is an internationally acclaimed, professional clinician who specializes in the education of trick training.  She has personally trained for British Nobility and performed in front of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  Her book, “Step by Step Trick Training” has sold on every continent of the world, taking her training methods to Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, UAE, South America, Central America, South Africa, Asia, Europe, Canada and the USA. 

“By passing along the education of trick training my goal is to bring laughter and enjoyment, back into the equine experience, in a manner which is affordable to everyone.

                                                                                                    ~ Jackie Johnson

Lori Plewes, Caroline, AB Clinic

Prince Albert Participants

Past Clinics

Rockglen Participants

Saskatoon 2009 AGM

Jill and “Jack”, Indianapolis IA Clinic 2009

Pennsylvania Stunt Crew with “Loki”

Shanon and Buck at Avondale Farms Trick Clinic

The Avondale Farms 2010 Trick Clinic

pose with North Fork Cash

Blowing Fire on the Stallion “Silent Impressive” Utah Trick Clinic 2010

With Terry Grant from Mantracker at the Millarville, Alberta Trick Clinic 2010

The wonderful group from Millarville, Alberta Trick Clinic 2010

Jenna and Nico from the 2010 Manitoba Trick Clinic

Group Bow.  Tisdale Clinic 2010